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Can I view online catalogs (zmags) on my tablet/smart phone?
Yes…but please remember, some functionality is lost on tablet devices. In that case, you’re better off downloading the PDFs on your device. Use the instructions and links below. If you are looking to view these on your computer – don’t forget to bookmark them in your Internet browser for future reference.

  Red Kap Catalog and Brochure Zmags:
Overall Catalog: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/b005b0fc  
Red Kap Automotive Catalog: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/e10192fd  
Denim Brochure: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/07bfaa69  
Food Processing Brochure: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/a10cd0f8  
Visibility Brochure: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/d9e28f6f  

Bulwark Catalog Zmag:
Overall: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/d4768af8  
Electric / Utility Catalog: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/8d32cc6a  
70E / Manufacturing Catalog: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/8d37a56e  
Oil & Gas Catalog: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/8d32c46a  
Industry Update, Vol. 15: http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/b11191fc   

Hospitality Catalog Zmag:   http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/c8b3aeea  
Wrangler Workwear Catalog Zmag:   http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/9d2fce6b  
Horace Small Catalog Zmag:   http://viewer.zmags.com/ publication/cdab8cef  

Note: Download speeds can vary based on your connection. Some publications will download slower due to their size, so please be patient.
Can I download the online catalogs as PDFs onto my tablet or smart phone? I’m not always online and the downloaded versions are easier to search. YES (and you can download to your desktop too). Here are detailed instructions.
STEP 1:   Use the links below to access each publication. The publication will open in your internet browser.
STEP 2:   For iPad users, touch the button labeled “Open in iBooks” at the top of the screen (For Kindle users it will be “Open in Kindle”). The publication will download directly into the iBooks or Kindle application.
STEP 3: Click on the image of the catalog on your bookshelf and that’s it!

Red Kap Catalog and Brochure PDF Downloads:
Overall: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2013_Red_Kap_ Catalog_LR.pdf  
Automotive: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Red_Kap_ Automotive_Catalog_LR.pdf  
Denim: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Red_Kap_Denim_ Apparel_Guide_LR.pdf  
Food Processing: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Red_Kap_Food_ Processing_Guide_LR.pdf  
Visibility: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Red_Kap_ Visibility_Brochure_LR.pdf  

Bulwark Catalog PDF Downloads:
Overall: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2013_Bulwark_ Catalog_DOMandINTL_LR.pdf  
Elec/Utility: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2013_Bulwark_ ElectricUtility_Brochure_LR. pdf  
70E / Manufacturing: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2013_Bulwark_70E_ Brochure_LR.pdf  
Oil & Gas: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2013_Bulwark_Oil+ Gas_Brochure_LR.pdf  
Ind. Update, V15: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Bulwark_Industry_ Update_VOL15_LR.pdf  

Hospitality Catalog PDF Download:
Overall: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2013_Hospitality_ Catalog_Corrected_LR.pdf  
Wrangler Workwear Catalog PDF Download:
Overall: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Wrangler_Workwear_ Brochure_LR.pdf  
Horace Small Catalog and Brochure PDF Downloads:
Overall: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/2012_Horace_Smal_ Catalog_LR.pdf  
New Dimension Plus: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Horace_Small_New_ Dimension_Brochure_LR.pdf  
Function Fit: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Horace_Small_ FunctionFit_Brochure_LR.pdf  
Solarban: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Horace_Small_ SolarBan_Brochure_LR.pdf  
Primaloft: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Horace_Small_ Primaloft_Brochure_LR.pdf  
UL Certified: http://www.vfimagewear.com/ images/docs/Horace_Small_NFPA_ Brochure_lowres.pdf